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E-Catalog 2015

1. Importation Liability and Indemnification

Buyer assumes all risks of liability for importation of products into their receiving country including but not limited to customs
clearance, import permits, duties, fees, taxes, licensing, and reporting requirements. Magnum Pharmaceuticals’ shipping terms
are FOB origin. Destination customs clearances, duties, and fees are the exclusive responsibility of the buyer.
Orders are deemed fulfilled at the point of transfer of custody to a common carrier for shipment.

2. Excluded Countries
Magnum Pharmaceuticals’ policy restricts shipment to selected countries. Customers must advise their sales representative
of their intended receiving country to verify acceptability. Note Magnum Pharmaceuticals does not ship to countries which classify
these pharmaceutical as special controlled or scheduled substances, including but not limited to the United States, Australia,
Canada, Germany, and France.

Customers with special importation licensing and/or permitting may forward same if requesting an exception for their country.

3. Order Processing

ORDER FORM must be FAXED or EMAILED to Magnum Pharmaceuticals for processing.
We will review your shipping preferences and generate an invoice which will be emailed to you with payment instructions.

Once remittance is confirmed, the order will be routed for processing and pick-and-pack and you will be advised via
email once the order has been shipped. Generally processing requires 2-3 days
but in some cases may require up to 1 week.

4. Order processing lead time
Orders are generally processed within 2-5 working days after confirmed receipt of payment.
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